Covenant Violation Policy

Post date: Jan 02, 2012 1:43:23 AM

New Covenant Violation Policy

Effective 3-15-2011

Our neighborhood is now approaching forty years of age. During its creation, development, and construction Meadow Springs was the premier location to be in the Tri-Cities.

Many of us have spent several thousands of dollars and endless hours of labor to maintain our investment. In spite of our efforts our neighborhood has begun to show its age. To reverse this trend, your Board's emphasis will be adherence to the requirements of the covenants.

Tours of the neighborhood will identify where violations are located and improvements are required. Identified violations may include:

· Untrimmed trees and shrubs

· Shrubs which encroach onto sidewalk space, unkempt or unsightly yards

· Unauthorized storage of autos, boats, trailers, and motorhomes, etc.

· Houses, garages or fences in need of repair, staining or painting and similar conditions

Written notice will be delivered to the homeowner responsible in accordance with our written policy regarding such violations and corrections will expected. While we do not wish to appear to be threatening, numerous complaints and comments from your neighbors have been received requesting adherence to the covenants, thus our more proactive posture.

The complete covenant requirements and the policy regarding its enforcement can be found on the Covenant Violation Policy page.