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HOA Board Members

Jeff Reiten, President • phone 531-5722

Mike McGuire, Vice President • phone 206-954-1010

Todd Erickson, Treasurer • phone 509-572-7887

Robin Wojanik, Secretary • phone 206-200-9097

Lisa Dukes, Director • phone 509-308-7572

Paul Presby, Director • phone 509-627-4047

Jerry Cavens, Director • phone 541-300-0182

Dan Houston, Director • phone 509-627-5609

Garth Stowe, Director • phone 509-308-0026

Traffic Committee

Lisa Dukes, Chair• phone 509-308-7572

Welcome Committee

Paul Presby, Director • phone 509-627-4047

Webpage / Communications

Nancy Ness • phone 509-551-4915 •

Have general HOA questions, comments, or concerns?

Jeff Reiten, President • phone 509-531-5722

Mike McGuire, Vice President • phone 206-954-1010

Architectural Control Committee

Contact the Architectural Control Committee for approval. Click here to download the Architectural Change Request Form.


Contact Garth Stowe, ACC Chair

Phone: 509-308-0026


Submit plans to:

Meadow Springs Second Nine ACC Board

Garth Stowe, ACC Chair

246 High Meadows St

Richland, WA 99352

Or via email at

Wondering if you are paid up or have a question on the HOA financials?

Contact: Nancy Ness, HOA Bookkeeper • phone 509-551-4915 • Email:

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If you are a Realtor, or have been contracted to collect payment status information for the purposes of closing on a property for title insurance, please email your form to

Want to volunteer or have questions?


Jeff Reiten, President • phone 627-5315

For questions/comments or to pay your assessment dues:

Meadow Springs Second Nine HOA

c/o Nancy Ness

143 High Meadows St

Richland, WA 99352