Q.    How much are annual dues?

A.    Dues are $36.00. 

Q.    Are HOA dues collected every year?

A.    Since the association's inception in 1974, there have been several periods of inactivity.  Dues were not collected during inactive times.  The Board was reactivated in 2007 at the request of concerned residents who believed that the Association board was again needed to enforce the covenants and to help find a solution to the numerous mail thefts. 

Q.    I don’t want to be a part of the Association.  Can I get out of the Association?

A.    No.  It is important to understand that the Association assessments are legal obligations for all members, since they are a part of the covenants which “come with the property.”

The Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (sometimes called CC&R’s) are legal requirements which come with the property when you bought your property, whether or not you were informed or received a copy of the covenants at the time of purchase. Every property owner in the Meadow Springs Second Nine development is a member of the Association, and every property is subject to the covenants.  There is one distinction in the membership status; however, to be an active, voting member, you must be current on payment of assessments. 

Q.    What do my assessment dues go towards?

A.    The assessments help to improve our Association.  Most recently we helped fund the installation of the new cluster mailboxes. Past accomplishments include:

Q.    What can I do about irresponsible pet owner's leaving dog doo on my property?

A.    According to the City of Richland Municipal Code 7.03.030: it is unlawful for any owner to permit any dog, cat, or other animal to trespass on private or public property so as to damage or destroy any property or thing of value, or to deposit fecal matter on any property not that of his owner. Any animal declared to be a nuisance and any such dog, cat or other animal may be seized and impounded.   Try and determine who the owner is and report them to the proper authorities. 

Q.    How can I become a volunteer with the Association?

        A.    Please contact one of the board members and they will let you know how you can help out. 

Q.    How do I report a covenant violation?

A.    Please contact the board members listed on the Contact Us page.