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This site was created to provide information related to the Meadow Springs Second Nine Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  All members of the Board and Architectural Committee are volunteers supporting the Meadow Springs Second Nine Homeowners Association as outlined in the Covenants. Covenants should have been provided to each homeowner at closing.  The content of this site is informational only and does not replace any official documents on file with Benton County, Washington.

What is the Architectural Control Committee?

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is responsible for reviewing the plans for all proposed new construction, additions, or modifications to ascertain that the plans and subsequent construction meet the minimum building requirements set forth in our covenants. The ACC also provides oversight to potential violations of other articles of the Declaration, such as failure to maintain the exterior of the house or landscaping. 

The ACC consists of three individuals at least one of whom is a board member.  The Board of Directors determines membership on the committee.


ACC Committee Members

When do I need ACC approval?

The Meadow Springs Second Nine Covenants require that you obtain Architectural Control Committee approval prior to constructing any new home or other appurtenant structure or to add to or modify any portion of the exterior of an existing home or structure.  A modification to the exterior of the home exterior shall include decks, hot tubs, patios, pools, and similar alterations.  Construction of new structures includes fencing, equipment and material housing, dog runs, gazebos, arbors associated with landscaping and other similar construction.  Any changes, whether visible from the street or not, require ACC approval.

What if I don’t obtain ACC approval?

If you build a structure or make other changes that are in violation of the Covenants, you are legally liable to correct the violation per instructions from the ACC.

How do I submit a request?

Submit your completed Architectural Change Request form and plans to:

Email (preferred):

Or Mail:    

Meadow Springs Second Nine ACC Board

Attn: Garth Stowe, ACC Chair

246 High Meadows St

Richland, WA 99352


Call Garth at 509-308-0026

What do I need to submit?

Download and complete the Architectural Change Request form and include plans and details for:

Repainting, window replacement, reroofing, additions, sheds, arbors, patio covers, pergolas, fences, and other structures plus all landscaping.  

Instructions and submission details can be found on the form.

How long will the approval process take?

For plans that meet the Covenant requirements, you can expect to hear a response from the committee within 30 days.  This process will take longer if the plans do not initially meet the requirements.